Shakopee Repiping Services

Do you have pipes that need to be repaired? Call 952-445-4692 to get the best Shakopee, MN repiping services at fair, competitive prices from Elander Mechanical, Inc. There’s no need to worry about future problems anymore. Click here to see our preventative maintenance plan.

Repiping Services in Shakopee, MN

Do you live in an older home and still have galvanized steel or polybutylene pipes in place? Then it’s time for an upgrade! Get your pipes replaced with more reliable material by scheduling an appointment for repiping services with Elander Mechanical, Inc. – we’re your Shakopee, MN repiping specialists.

Our technicians are trained to carry out whole-house repiping projects for homes which are experiencing extreme pipe corrosion, just give us a call. Want a second opinion on our services? Visit our reviews page and see how we’ve helped other homeowners in Shakopee replace their old, worn-out pipes with safer and long-lasting alternatives.

How to Tell if You Need to Call for Professional Repiping Service

The pipes which supply water throughout your home are designed to last for several decades at a time. Eventually, with time and regular use, the pipes will begin to wear down and show signs of aging and wear and tear, such as issues like leaks and burst pipes.

If you are experiencing recurring issues with your pipes, it may be time to consider repiping a section of your piping system, or repiping your home entirely.

How can you tell if it’s time to start thinking seriously about installing new pipes? Here are a few key things to look out for:

  • Persistent water leaks that damage walls and floors
  • Metallic sediment in your water supply
  • Foul smelling or yellow water (this indicates pipe corrosion)
  • Low water pressure

What Are the Benefits of Installing Copper or PEX Pipes?

So you know that it’s time to replace the old, worn-out pipes in your home or business, but how do you choose the right kind of pipe to suit your needs and budget? At Elander Mechanical, Inc., our technicians will help you make best decision when we plan your repiping project with you, but here are some key differences to keep in mind:

Copper Pipes

  • Highly durable and lasts longer than PEX
  • Strong joints won’t sag or leak
  • More expensive up-front that other options
  • Can be connected directly to your water heater
  • Resistant to corrosion from water and chemicals


  • PEX piping is flexible, which makes it less likely to burst or break during extreme weather conditions
  • PEX piping is highly resistant to acidic substances
  • It is cheaper to install
  • Pipes can be damaged by UV rays
  • Can’t be connected directly to a water heater
  • Should not be used outdoors

Make the right choice for your repiping project by working with the plumbing specialists at Elander Mechanical, Inc. Call 952-445-4692 today to speak to a professional Shakopee technician about your repiping options.