Shakopee AC Coil Cleaning & Repair Services

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AC Coil Cleaning & Repair Services in Shakopee, MN

If your air conditioning unit is acting up and you need your evaporator coil cleaned, don’t worry about the cost. Call the budget-friendly professionals at Elander Mechanical, Inc. and get quality cooling service at prices you can afford.

Your air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery with a lot of delicate parts, and often when homeowners attempt DIY repairs they unintentionally make the situation worse – usually by breaking or damaging a different section of the unit while trying to fix another.

Our technicians, who are all fully certified, licensed, and insured, provide the highest quality, professional coil cleaning services in Shakopee, MN. We can state that confidently because our customers tell us so: see for yourself by visiting our reviews page.

What Causes Evaporator Coil Issues?

Like any piece of equipment or appliance which sees heavy use, your heating and cooling systems will wear down after years of use. Fortunately, with regular servicing and maintenance you can ensure that your air conditioning unit and your cooling system run smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible with regular servicing and maintenance from Elander Mechanical, Inc.

However, no matter how frequently we service your air conditioning unit, heavily used areas like your evaporator coil will begin to wear down and run less efficiently.

Here are some of the more common issues that can cause your system to malfunction:

Dirt and dust in your system

Your evaporator coil is exposed to the open air. This means that dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants can get caught inside and clog the unit to the point where it can no longer function properly, and no air can get through at all.

Frozen coils

When the Freon in your coils has no way to cool the air, which is often what happens when your coils get clogged, the Freon will begin to leak, and in many cases can cause the coils to freeze.


Since the evaporator coil sees heavy and regular use, it will eventually begin to break down due to simple wear and tear over time.

Why Can’t You Fix It Yourself?

Air conditioning units and their internal components are extremely delicate, and attempting to fix the problem yourself without the proper skills and training can make a small issue even worse, leading to larger issues due to jostling, bumping, or breaking mechanisms by accident.

At Elander Mechanical, Inc., our cooling specialists are trained to provide you with the best evaporator coil services in Shakopee, MN. Don’t try DIY repairs on your air conditioner. Enjoy professional service you can count on by calling us today at 952-445-4692.