Shakopee Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation

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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Shakopee, MN

Bathrooms are among the most heavily used rooms in your home and can go a long way towards completing the overall look and feel of the place you call home. At Elander Mechanical, Inc., we want your bathroom to not only look great but also to have the safest and most efficient plumbing in place.

While new plumbing and shiny fixtures can improve the look of your bathroom and wow your friends and family, everything needs to be installed properly and according to Minnesota state safety regulations. If not, you may find yourself in “hot water” sooner than later.

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Trust the Professionals

At Elander Mechanical, Inc., our technicians are happy to assist you through every stages of your bathroom remodeling and renovation project. It’s crucial that you work with a trained, licensed and qualified plumbing specialist. A true professional can help you make sure that all of your plumbing is installed correctly and safely and that your tubs, showers, faucets, sinks, fixtures toilets, and even flushometers (if you are in a commercial setting) are working seamlessly.

Once a professional plumber from Elander Mechanical, Inc. has provided you with the proper plumbing installation plan for your needs, we will also help you choose the right kinds of fixtures to help your bathroom look its best, and which help you meet your water pressure and quality requirements.

We will install any necessary fixtures for you and test your system to ensure that everything is working efficiently. We are always happy to schedule follow-up appointments to help ensure that no issues occur and that your brand-new bathroom plumbing provides you with steady and consistent water flow at your desired pressure for years to come.

Don’t Try the DIY Approach

Too often, our technicians get called in to repair and replace a DIY bathroom plumbing job installed by an inexperienced homeowner. DIY jobs often wind up costing homeowners much more than the cost of a professional installation because they also have to worry about the damage caused by leaking or burst pipes, in addition to paying for a new, professional installation.

DIY just isn’t worth the risk, so when you have a bathroom remodeling or renovation project planned for your Shakopee, MN home or business, call 952-445-4692 to reach the experts at Elander Mechanical, Inc.