Shakopee Air Conditioning Installation

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Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Services in Shakopee, MN

The experienced technicians at Elander Mechanical, Inc. are always ready to offer high-quality AC installation and replacement services in Minnesota. Whether you need a simple repair or are considering installing a new, more efficient air conditioning unit, we’re always happy to provide expert advice and the skills to complete the job quickly and at your convenience.

Elander Mechanical, Inc. has been providing air conditioning installation and replacement services to the residents and businesses of Shakopee, MN since 1982, which means you can count on our decades of experience to get the job done right the first time. Visit our reviews page to see how we’ve helped customers just like you stay cool.

What Are Signs That Your AC Should Be Replaced?

Did you know that the average air conditioning unit lasts around 20 years? Around this time, your unit will begin to wear out, break down, and show signs of failure due to age. If your AC unit is starting to reach the end of its life expectancy, it’s time to call in the professionals from Elander Mechanical, Inc. to help you decide on the right make and model to suit your energy efficiency and budgetary needs.

Not only will we help you make the right selection, but we will also help you install a newer, more efficient model than your current unit, which we guarantee will provide you years of indoor comfort during the hot summer months.

Some signs it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit:

  • Your AC is repeatedly shutting on and off
  • You’re experiencing inconsistent indoor humidity
  • Unusual smells or sounds are coming from your unit

If any of these signs sound familiar, then it’s time to call in an expert technician from Elander Mechanical, Inc. to provide you with an inspection. We can help you identify the cause of the issue and determine what your next steps should be.

What Should You Look for in a New Unit?

If the time has come to start looking at replacement units for your current, worn-out model, one feature to look out for is whether or not the unit has a “fan only” setting. Many new units allow you to run the fan, which circulates air throughout your home, without turning on the cool air setting. This can help you save on your energy bills, and is perfect for circulating air at night to improve the ventilation in your home.

Call Elander Mechanical, Inc. at 952-445-4692 for the most reliable and efficient AC installation and repair services available in Shakopee, MN and the surrounding areas.