Greywater Recycling 101 – How Will It Help Reduce Your Water Bills?

saving-money-on-water-bills_480Many of our customers have been asking us about greywater recycling systems for their homes and businesses, and how this eco-friendly option can help them save money on their water bills and reduce their ecological footprint.

Greywater recycling systems are already popular in commercial or large-scale residential buildings which consume large amounts of fresh water, such as hotels, campus residences and dorms and hostels.

However, recently these types of systems have become more popular with residential customers because of their ability to slash water costs.

Is greywater recycling right for you? Read on to find out:

What is a Greywater Recycling System?

“Greywater” is freshwater which has been contaminated by use in your sink, shower, tub, or washing machine. It generally contains traces of hair, grease, food particles, and cleaning products, making it unsafe to drink or consume. However, greywater is perfect for use in toilets and for irrigation systems in your yard or garden, since the contaminated water is safe for use with plants.

recycling-water_480A greywater recycling system can be installed in your home and will connect the “grey” fresh water from sinks and other sources, and pump it into your toilet or to any outdoor spigots or faucets.

What are the best ways to reuse greywater?

The two most common ways to reuse grey water in the home are:

Toilet water. Greywater is totally safe to use in your toilet, since the water won’t be coming into contact with your mouth, eyes, skin, hair or food. Additionally, since grey water must be used quickly, toilets are a great option since they are heavily-used appliances which use lots of water every day.

Irrigation for yards and gardens. Even though grey water isn’t safe for us to consume, it’s completely safe to use to water your garden or keep your grass looking lush and vibrant.

Is Having Your Own Grey Water Recycling System Safe?

The best and safest way to reuse greywater is to work with a qualified plumbing professional to connect your recycling system so that the water can be funneled into your toilets, or connected to an outdoor faucet for use in the yard, instead of being connected to your sewer line.

Make sure to work with an expert to ensure that there is no “cross over” between your main plumbing lines and your greywater recycling system.


Can you be more eco-friendly in your water use?

Besides installing a greywater recycling system, you can also lower your water costs and decrease your ecological footprint by taking the following steps to reduce your water use:

● Keep your showers short

● Deal with leaky pipes as soon as you become aware of the issue

● Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or washing your face

● Install rain barrels to collect rainwater for your garden

Enlist our team of plumbing experts for assistance with installing and maintaining your new, eco-friendly greywater recycling system. Call Elander Mechanical, Inc. in Shakopee, MN today at 952-445-4692 and start saving.