Shakopee Heat Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation

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Heat Pump Repair Replacement Services in Shakopee, MN

Are you having issues with your heat pump? Give us a call. Our qualified technicians are always ready to help diagnose any issues with your existing heat pump and to perform the necessary repairs and servicing. If it’s time to consider replacing your old, broken-down unit, we will happily suggest alternatives which work for your energy efficiency and budgetary needs. We’ll even help you install and replace your old unit, so your can relax and enjoy the comfort of your warm, cozy home.

Elander Mechanical, Inc. has been providing the homes and businesses with outstanding heating service since 1982, which means we have over 30+ years of experience working in and around the community of Shakopee. Want to see what your neighbors have to say about our work? Visit our reviews page and then pick up the phone to reach your heating specialists.

How Do Heat Pump Systems Work?

A heat pump is lesser known appliance, but it is in fact an extremely versatile and energy-efficient heating and cooling system which can easily be installed in your Shakopee, MN home or business to help you stay comfortable, often doing so at a fraction of the cost of a traditional heating system/

A heat pump system works by transferring air from one area to another. For example, during the summer months the heat pump system will pull hot air from inside your home or business and pump it outside, and during cooler winter and fall months it will pull warm air from outside and pump it inside, ensuring that you stay warm as temperatures dip. These units also offer great control over humidity levels, which can make a world of difference for people with skin sensitivities or allergies.

Should You Install a Heat Pump System?

Installing a heat pump system can come with a variety of long-term benefits, which include:

  • These useful, modern units can both heat and cool your home or business, which means that you will need to purchase and maintain less equipment and mechanical parts than a traditional system.
  • Energy efficiency. Pulling air from one area to another, like a heat pump des, is a much more efficient process than trying to heat standing, static air.
  • Long-lasting systems. Heat pumps use fewer mechanical parts, which means that there are fewers areas which can break down and become in need of repair.

For all your heat pump servicing, repairs, and installation services in Shakopee, there’s only one place to call: the experts at Elander Mechanical, Inc.. Start saving on your energy costs and get better control of the quality and temperature of your indoor air by calling 952-445-4692 today.